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The Karol Miarka Printing House has its own DTP studio, where materials to be printed and bound are prepared. The traditional assembly has been fully replaced with the electronic assembly.

 DTP Studio and CtP Prepress:

Preparing files to be printed - guidelines

The printing house uses European Prepress Defaults (ECI/Fogra). We do not interfere in the client's files at any stage of production. The client is the only responsible for the proper preparation of production files (PDF) in accordance with ECI standards.

How to prepare files for CtP

Other technical requirements for the materials sent to us

  1. prepare single pages of the same format and orientation in one file,
  2. add blank pages in appropriate places.

How to deliver files to the printing house

The preferred way to deliver files is to send them to our FTP server.

The acceptable way is to send files by e-mail.

We also accept files delivered on removable media (CDR, DVD, USB Pen Drive).

Sending files to our server

We recommend using software Total Commander or another which is operating with server ftp.

Protocol: ftp

Server (host): ftp.tolek.com.pl

User: anonymous (anonymous logging in)

We log in „anonymously", create our folder in the folder /upload (its name should be identical with the name of the company placing an order for printing) and copy to it the files to be printed. Both the name of the folder and the names of the files cannot contain diacritics (ą, ć, ś, ü etc.).

We create special accounts protected by a password in the folder /private for regular customers. They have the right to copy, delete and overwrite files, which are inaccessible to other network users.

 43-190 Mikołów, ul. Żwirki i Wigury 1 +48 32 326 20 90